Fantasia Series > Fantasia DA II

192KHz/32-bit audio decoder with built-in headphone amplifier


  • Native DSD (64/128) output DSD high-definition music playback.
  • PCM1795 professional-grade decoder chip, SNR up to 123dB.
  • IIS interface input support to 32-bit/192kHz.
  • Optical and Coaxial input support to 24-bit/192kHz (Stereo PCM only).
  • USB input support Apple iPad, Apple Mac, PC and Android devices (Need to connect hardware and operating system support).
  • Support both balanced and unbalanced output, the effective connection of HIFI speakers and monitor speakers.
  • Headphone output through professional adjustment, support up to 600 ohm high impedance headphones and low sensitivity headphones.
  • Professional linear volume control, reducing the pre-investment costs.
  • Professional audio capacitors, to ensure a faithful restore music.
  • Support ASIO professional audio driver.

ExclPOT (Potential tuning unit technology)

Customized potentiometer control allows for a more balanced sound, not only to ensure the consistency of the left and right channels, but also fidelity to do the right.

DigitalCON (Microcomputer control unit technology)

Through the microcomputer control unit provides the control mode, provides the corresponding audio output capability.

RealFreq (Realism sound optimization technology)

Realistic neutral circuit design, in ensuring high, medium and low frequency band of the distribution of the amount of the premise of a moderate balance of sound optimization.

Supports PC, Apple Mac, Apple iPad & Android

USB input supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1. While supporting Apple Mac OSX, Apple iPad and Android Android.

Built-in 192KHz/32-bit DAC chip

Fantasia DAII use professional-grade digital-to-analog converter chip PCM1795, support 192KHz/32-bit digital audio stream input, signal to noise ratio and dynamic range of 123dB.

Supports IIS audio stream input

Fantasia DAII can be used in conjunction with Fantasia numbers, with professional IIS audio input interface, access to audio streams while avoiding time-base jitter.

Professional amp output

Fantasia DAII headphone output, the use of professional headphone amplifier chip Ti TPA6120, dynamic range up to 120dB, digital volume control and professional amp chip to eliminate the analog potentiometer, left and right channel sound caused by the interlocking problem of stereo separation.

Supports both balanced and unbalanced outputs

Fantasia DAII provides unbalanced output at the same time, also provides a balanced audio output, easy to connect a variety of professional monitoring speakers.

USB Power Noise Isolation Technology

Fantasia DAII uses professional grounding isolation protection technology, shielded the PC power supply noise interference, to ensure the quality of USB audio input.

ASIO / WASAPI driver support

Fantasia DAII in support of traditional drivers at the same time, an increase of ASIO and WASAPI driver support.ASIO and WASAPI driver can easily bypass the operating system of multiple software transmission links to avoid the operating system MIXER control layer of the audio digital stream interference, These two drivers make the PC a professional HIFI playback device.

System Requirement:

  • Windows XP or higher version.
  • 1 empty USB port.
  • Intel Pentium III or AMD K6 III or higher CPU.
  • 512MB RAM.
  • 32MB Video RAM.
  • 1024x768 16-bit Screen resolution.
  • CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.
  • 100MB Hard Drive space