After near 2 decades of cooperation and integration with global audio technique and application specialists, Tempotec was built up with a variety of resources and acceded all of the experiences of audio application. We are trying to create our own road in indistinct PC audio field and to be a pilot of users to initiate a brand new idea in application.

Audio has its own vivid character in different eras, from analog to digitized, mono to multi-channel and nowadays precise sound with humanity. We are always watching the requirements of user and transfer the conclusion to blue print of our products going to be. Carry out the requests of user by our experience and technique. We always keep in mind that the products are designed for “human” when we run after the advanced technology. For this reason, Tempotec gets rid of custom in PC accessories industry; we just provide what users need. Simplify the functionality and operation but remain the flexibility and sound quality. That’s why users can reduce their burden on expense; they don’t have to make a decision between giving up and pay it just for useless parts. The birth of an innovation product should be based on creative ideas. This is what Tempotec gathers step by step. At the same time, the greatest benefit to users for choosing Tempotec is transferring the product price into application value.

When the boundary is getting blurred between the application of PC and home appliances, PC audio devices will be getting important in serving as leading role in different regions. Pure PC sound card cannot take on heavy responsibilities of varieties application requirements. Integrating with home appliance application is the mission of Tempotec at this moment. Try every new solution we found, every new application we knew, every new technique we got and all of new integration we thought, each item is ongoing and will be presented soon in the form of final product.

In the world of PC audio, digitalized is the only thing and coming from technique stacking. It’s short of humanity and not friendly enough. Tempotec won’t be satisfied by stacking technique, because product designing cannot be completed without humanity. Good sound is like the sun in spring to pacify and warm up people’s heart. Tempotec is always expecting ourselves to be a creator of good sound. Technique plus humanity, that’s Tempotec.