Serenade Series > Serenade DSD

High performance PCHIFI built-in audio playback sound card

  • Exclusive ASIO driver, to meet the desire of computer music family.
  • Multi-effects and accompaniment control panel, the application of more diversified.
  • Set the digital signal output terminals to meet different sound quality requirements.
  • Fiber and coaxial digital signal interface, connecting the decoder has more choices.
  • Integrated amp function, headphones plug and listen, do not have to buy any other equipment.

TempoTec HIFier series evergreen Serenade re-lift listening frenzy, for most of the mainstream of the motherboard, this truly native PCI-E version, and Serenade III, this classic designed specifically for the desktop HIFI enthusiasts The sound card for a small adjustment, except to continue to use high intelligence CPLD logic control through digital verification and program control makes the whole circuit to do more stable, efficient and safe, and SNR and dynamic range is still maintained at the current computer audio limit level . The use of professional amplification chip TPA6120 so that the headphone function once again be enhanced, the analog output is added with the support of high and low impedance two files, and headset with more detailed; speaker independent output / speaker headphone dual output mode brings more human convenience use. Start explosion-proof function can completely eliminate the interference caused by sonic boom, shutdown protection function effectively protect the circuit from being hurt. The new headphone virtual multi-channel feature allows listening to be more interesting.

If the Serenade III is the perfect interpretation of all things, and Serenade PCI-E is the former blue and blue than the successor to succession. Perfect place in the configuration so that he continues to lead and HIFier PCI series of the highest specifications of the professional listening sound built-in sound card, Serenade PCI-E is the rhythm of high-end sound card design unremitting pursuit of the ultimate expression.

Using native PCI-E audio chip

Serenade PCI-E using CMI 8888 professional PCI-E audio chip, put an end to bridging chip brings the problem of sound quality degradation.

Support 32bit / 192KHz

Serenade PCI-E built-in CMI 8888 PCI-E Hifi audio control chip, support 16,24,32 bit and 44.1, 48,88.2,96,176.4,192 KHz.

Built-in High-End DAC

Serenade PCI-E built-in BB 32Bit DAC PCM1795, measured SNR reached 120dB, total harmonic distortion 0.0005%.

High quality headphone output

Serenade PCI-E use HIFI-class headset amplifier chip TPA6120, signal to noise ratio up to 120dB, total harmonic distortion 0.00014%.

FPGA clock checking circuit

Serenade PCI-E uses complex logic chips, built-in system control and PLL phase-locked loop, improve the accuracy of digital transmission to reduce the jitter generation.

High Accuracy Active Crystal

Serenade PCI-E uses a high accuracy of the active crystal 45.1592M, 49.574M, crystal for audio digital transmission provides an accurate clock source, with complex logic circuit PLL circuit, fully inhibit the time base jitter.

High-quality filter capacitor

Serenade PCI-E using OS-CON high-quality filter capacitor, completely remove the motherboard power supply noise, high-quality music output to provide pure power.

ASIO / WASAPI driver support

Serenade PCI-E in support of traditional drivers at the same time, an increase of ASIO and WASAPI driver support, ASIO and WASAPI driver can easily bypass the operating system of multiple software transmission links, to avoid the operating system MIXER control layer of audio digital stream interference , Through which the two drivers make the PC a professional HIFI playback device.  

Powerful sound effects control interface

Serenade PCI-E has a powerful control interface, the user to adjust the sound output, filling the powerful charm of PCHIFI.


  • Supports output to 192KHz / 32bit
  • One stereo analog output (RCA interface)
  • A set of headphone output (6.3mm TRS interface)
  • Two sets of digital outputs (one for coaxial and one for fiber), supporting non-audio content delivery such as AC3 or DTS
  • Exclusive ASIO 2.0 driver
  • Support Windows 8, 7, XP
  • Maximum linear output: 2Vrms

System Requirement:

  • Windows XP or higher version.
  • 1 empty USB port.
  • Intel Pentium III or AMD K6 III or higher CPU.
  • 512MB RAM.
  • 32MB Video RAM.
  • 1024x768 16-bit Screen resolution.
  • CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.
  • 100MB Hard Drive space