After near 2 decades of cooperation and integration with global audio technique and application specialists, Tempotec was built up with a variety of resources and acceded all of the experiences of audio application. We are trying to create our own road in indistinct PC audio field and to be a pilot of users to initiate a brand new idea in application. ...

Fantasia Balance Deluxe

Fantasia Balance Deluxe Edition is composed of Fantasia Power Box, Fantasia Deluxe USB decoder and Fantasia B-HP balanced headphone amplifier...more

Fantasia Deluxe

  • Support DXD & DSD high-definition music external USB sound card + independent amp
  • Supports Native DSD & DOP DSD with XMOS chip output
  • Support DSD 64/128/256 (NATIVE) output DSD and DXD high-quality music playback
  • AK4490 decoder chip SNR up to 123DB IIS input support up to 32-bit 192kHz ...more