Sonata HD firmware update instruction

  1. Remove any other redundant USB devices on your computer, such as a removable hard drive. Connect the Sonata HD cable to the USB adapter and plug it into the USB port of your computer.
  2. Observe that the device manager in the operating system has changed with new hardware (different system display contents may be vary).
  3. Run the setup program and select "Yes".
  4. In the next program window, enter 22e1 e202 (ignore the check option) and click the Write EEPROM button.
  5. Notice! Do not click the OK button on the new pop-up window of the program (the above message reminds us to re-plug the Sonata HD once).
  6. Follow the prompts to remove the Sonata HD from your computer and plug it back in to the same USB port.
  7. Observe that there is a change in the new hardware in the device manager in the operating system.
  8. Confirm that the new hardware is fully recognized by the system, then you can click the OK button on the program pop-up window.
  9. The update starts and the program prompts Write to EEPROM OK after the progress bar is completed! You're done.
  10. Click OK, click Exit to exit, and unplug the Sonata HD to use.

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